History of Java Jive

Java Jive opened in 2000, but the foundation of the business started over 35 years ago in a small pottery studio. Steve Ayers started making pottery in college in North East Missouri in the late 1970s. He and his wife, Linn, moved the studio to Hannibal in 1984, opening Ayers Pottery on 3rd Street in Downtown Hannibal in 1987. When they wanted to expand their business onto Main Street they wanted to add an aspect that would put his pottery in people’s hands, so a coffee shop was a perfect fit for the new gift store, Fresh Ayers, opened 1993.  The coffee shop outgrew Fresh Ayers, so they bought the 2 neighboring buildings and opened Java Jive, relocating Fresh Ayers 2 doors over. Since then, Java Jive has become the center of Downtown, it is the place where the locals gather to converse, play music, study, and hang out!  It is also a big draw to all of Hannibal’s tourists, who are grateful to find big city coffee in a small town. Their daughter, Katy Welch, took over Java Jive in 2009 as general manager.  Over the next few years she made many changes, adding a line of ice cream, expanding the bakery, and adding a full deli menu of sandwiches, salads, and soups.  In 2015, after 22 years in business, they opted to close Fresh Ayers, in order to expand Java Jive.  Java Jive now fills both 211 and 209 N. Main Street.  In 2016, Katy became the second generation owner.

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Java Jive was founded by Steve and Linn Ayers, the owners of Ayers Pottery. They wanted to put the pottery in people’s hands, and a coffee shop was a perfect fit. Steve has been making pottery professionally for over 40 years. All of Java Jive’s sandwiches and baked goods are served on this pottery.